Always ready for spots


How to make sure you are always ready to fight with spots which arises suddenly. Although you may not be having serious acne issues, however do you ever wonder why occasionally you get spots? Actually, it is a combination of factors really, it could be because you have been up late doing over time work for several nights. It could also be because you are traveling, and your body is not used to the different kind of water or food you have been taking. All sorts of reasons could lead to you having the occasionally pimple. There’s nothing you can do to prevent the occasional pimple.

But what you can do is always to be prepared to tackle it. Spots don’t suddenly grow big, it always start off to be a small bump and then it gets aggravated more.


We suggest this ‘URGENT PATCH KIT’ combo to make sure you are always prepared. Whether you have a growing spot and you have an important meeting the next day or a few hours’ time. The needle patches can give you a quick immediate solution to calm your spots within a short period of time. Simply apply a patch to each spot, make sure the serum micro needles (micro needles made of serum) is pressed down and penetrated into your spot. This allows immediate contact to sooth the spot. After removing the patch, you may instantly apply the serum to further calm down the spot.


We suggest to you our UGENT PATCH KIT:


1 x Trouble Clear Serum

8 x Trouble Clear Needle Patch

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