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Having confidence in our products is one thing, find the proof to support what we are saying is another. To prove to the world that we do stand by our words, we put our ‘Red series’ under the test so that we can honestly tell you it’s GOOD for your acne!




Clinically tested by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences, we specifically hired a group of twenty male and female individuals aged 20 to 30 to come and try out our products. The subjects were to continuously test our series of products over a time period of 6 weeks. Such tests were conducted according to the regulations of designation as the test institution for drugs and cosmetics, as well as guidelines of the management standards for clinical drug.


To cut the story short, yes we proved that our products work and are great for acne sufferers! Test results showed that after continue use of our products over 6 weeks, acne and sebum excretion was decreased by 14.41% and 19.55% respectively. The conclusion was ‘Trouble Clear Foam Cleanser, Trouble Clear Toner and Trouble Clear Needle Patch were found to be suitable for acne-prone skin.


The individuals had been using all 3 products every morning and night for a 6 weeks treatment and the results of the products on acne improvement was graded by using the ‘Global acne grading system also known as ‘GAGS’, also we measured the sebum excretion improvement using the ‘Sebumeter’ Evaluation of the results showed that acne was decreased by 14.41% after six weeks of the products application compared their GAGS grading before when they started the treatment course. Sebumeter sebum excretion was decreased 15.16% and 19.55% after four and six weeks compared to before.


Acne products often cause a little irritation for sensitive skin users. An important finding in these tests was that no individual found abnormal skin responses during the trial period. This again shows our well-defined formula to be suitable for sensitive skin.


Although the test was finished over a 6 weeks period, individuals had continued to use the products afterwards and we have been following up with each individual to make sure they are happy with the results.

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