Solution for serious acne


As doctors always say, there is no one cure for everything but by adjusting the usage or dosage we can ultimately find the best solution for you. Everyone in world out there is affected by acne or a simple one or two spots somehow unless you are that 0.000001% of the population out there.

Our various featured collection sets are designed for individuals who are suffering various stages of acne. We look to continuously improve our products and create new products for individuals. In the meantime, acting as ‘doctor for your skin’, if you have been long suffering from acne issues, we really would like to suggest to you our Intensive Acne Solution combo

Intensive A.C. Combo –


1 x Trouble Clear Serum

1 x Trouble Clear Toner

1 x Trouble Clear Foam Cleanser


This combo is designed for long time acne sufferers, all 3 products included are supposed to give your skin constant care and repair specifically targeted at your acne.

Researchers say, one of the reason which causes acne is because of skin bacteria, dead skin and clogged up pores. Hence one thing which is always important to help with acne, is to make sure your face is cleansed as much as possible. Morning and night cleanse is recommended, however for really intensive care we would a facial cleanse at noon or in the afternoon, too.


Make sure we try and keep our skin oil-free therefore reducing the chance of clogged up pores which leads to acne!

Toner and serum to be applied and massaged to your face after cleanse. A general tip for oily skin users, have the toner and cotton pad to be with you at all times, whenever your feel your skin is oily. Wet the cotton pad with toner and gently wipe over your skin to remove excess oil and providing a soothing solution for your skin.

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